Private Room

private retirement room

Cost Comparison


Comparing Living Costs

   House or Condo    Cardinal Place
 mortgage or rent  $750       $1595    to   $2895
 utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer)  $275    included
 insurance  $80    optional
 property taxes or condo fees  $275    included
 cable and/or internet  $55    included (digital antennae)
 phone  $55    included
 long distance  $30    included
 food  $225    included
 cleaning & linen service, weekly  $200    included
 maintenance (average)  $150    included
 lawn care / snow removal  $150    included
 garbage & recycling removal  $20    included
 entertainment, recreation, social events  $200    included and optional events
 transportation (car+insurance+gas+maintenance+license or taxi)  $450    included and optional events
 security, emergency alert pendant  $40    included
 ambulance co-pay OR 24/7 nurse on call  $45    included
   $3,000  versus  $1,595 to $2,895

Retirement Room

To take a look around your room, click and hold and move your mouse on the picture below.